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We must accept that the RINO Republicans are not our allies and have proven they are incapable of bringing us victory. … The Conservative Base preaches independence and self-reliance. The time has come for us to strictly practice that philosophy in relation to those RINOs who have betrayed us and whose weakness has once again led us into the abyss. … The time has come for us to declare our own independence from their failure to deliver. … The time is late but the time is NOW.

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September 9, 2012 By James Soviero WHO WOULD YOU PICK, TOUGH CHOICE Our first thoughts offered before the convention will be followed by italicized, post-mortem, observations. How’s this for an appropriate theme for the last 4 years? “Yes We Didn’t!” Democrats ignored our suggestion, and went with “Yes we did. No kidding. Honest!” Not likely [...]

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The trick for President Obama is to keep the people he’s rolled under the bus from feeling the weight of it’s wheels. Perhaps he can find some way to either anesthetize or hypnotize them. What he can’t afford, is to have senior citizens and African Americans gain a complete, objective, understanding of how badly his policies have hurt them. They’d make him a one termer.

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Seems to me the establishment has now crossed the Rubicon. They are willing to spend $16MM of negative attack ads against the leading Conservative challenger. Their candidate is so out of step with the Party’s activist base that they were willing to poison the electoral well with a deluge of the brand of negative ads that should NOT be used in a PRIMARY by anyone.

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January 11, 2012 By James Soviero One of the most memorable gospels is the miracle of the five loaves and two fish. John 6:5-15 tells of Jesus using those meager bits of food to feed some 5,000 hungry, followers. It is a truly compelling story, and one that must resonate very powerfully with President Obama. How [...]

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Mr. Obama is now applying basically that same strategy to buy off an even broader, demographic group. Say, “Hello.” to the 160 million Americans paying less into Social Security, and say, “Goodbye!” to the pensioners taking money out. The president and his party hope gullible seniors will believe just one more retirement, tall tale. Taxes on rich people will replenish their “trust fund’s” latest, stunning losses. The bet is golden-agers will continue their decade’s old habit of voting for Democrats, no matter the most recent, damning facts.

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That Herman Cain’s media trial of hyped innuendo follows the template established at the expense of Justice Clarence Thomas is hardly a coincidence. As of this writing, the best/worst we have on Cain is he made “physical gestures that were not overtly sexual, but….made women….uncomfortable….”.

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Shirk-retary of State, Hillary Clinton

The former first lady was asked specifically about her biggest regret.
Ms. Clinton cited Benghazi. Said she, “My biggest, you know, regret…”
There was “imperfect information…..unforeseen consequences, unpredictable twists and turns.” Actually a bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Committee found the murders were quite avoidable. In other words there was enough info available to have averted the “unforeseen” murders of our ambassador and three other heroic Americans.

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