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January 6, 2013
By James Soviero
So what to call this crowd of adults born after the year 1981? Given their hyper interest in media, digital communication, and celebrities let’s classify them using the name of someone they identify with….Jon Stewart. “The Stewart Generation” would seem an excellent handle for this band of brothers and sisters. Jon’s hip, smart, brash, funny and has his own, very successful, TV show. He is also the guy, to whom many in their twenties have turned for the news.

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We must accept that the RINO Republicans are not our allies and have proven they are incapable of bringing us victory. … The Conservative Base preaches independence and self-reliance. The time has come for us to strictly practice that philosophy in relation to those RINOs who have betrayed us and whose weakness has once again led us into the abyss. … The time has come for us to declare our own independence from their failure to deliver. … The time is late but the time is NOW.

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By Jim Soviero President Obama’s clumsy backtracking on the issue of religious freedom has not put this explosive issue to rest. His shell game mandating insurance companies, rather than the church, pay for the pills and procedures of employees was exposed. Premiums covering contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs would still be paid by the church. [...]

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January 11, 2012 By James Soviero One of the most memorable gospels is the miracle of the five loaves and two fish. John 6:5-15 tells of Jesus using those meager bits of food to feed some 5,000 hungry, followers. It is a truly compelling story, and one that must resonate very powerfully with President Obama. How [...]

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Movement attempted to supplant the Tea Party … Occupy Washington never amounted to more than a few hundred people and at its peak during its first week and was nothing more than a carnival of causes, with anti-war protesters edging out those with other causes for the most attention.

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Democrats’ “Rewriting” Their Congressional Oath of Office

February 17, 2014 By James Soviero The Democrat Party has wrapped up its “retreat” in a chic hotel along Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  They apparently stand united behind their president and his strategy of using a “pen and phone” to violate the Constitution and bypass their very own chambers. While left leaning editorials and scholars begin to [...]

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Shirk-retary of State, Hillary Clinton

The former first lady was asked specifically about her biggest regret.
Ms. Clinton cited Benghazi. Said she, “My biggest, you know, regret…”
There was “imperfect information…..unforeseen consequences, unpredictable twists and turns.” Actually a bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Committee found the murders were quite avoidable. In other words there was enough info available to have averted the “unforeseen” murders of our ambassador and three other heroic Americans.

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Bush’s 420 Seconds, Nixon’s 18 ½ Minutes, Obama’s 7 ½ Hours

By James Soviero People can have many different perspectives when measuring time. If you’re watching a great ballgame, hours seem like minutes. If you’re holding your breath, seconds can seem like hours. If you’re a political figure even the briefest of moments can come under intense scrutiny. That is especially true of our presidents. It’s just [...]


Mr. Obama’s “Serious Crisis Avoidance Management Strategy” (SCAMS)

James Soviero Who says President Obama has no policy regarding the difficult problems facing our nation?  That’s not so.  It’s just his policy  focuses on using distractions to avoid dealing with America’s most troubling issues.  Let’s call this plan the president’s “Serious Crisis Avoidance Management Strategy”, a.k.a. Obama’s SCAMS. Have an ineffectual “Stimulus Program” and [...]

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