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September 9, 2012

By James Soviero


Our first thoughts offered before the convention will be followed by italicized, post-mortem, observations.

How’s this for an appropriate theme for the last 4 years? “Yes We Didn’t!” Democrats ignored our suggestion, and went with “Yes we did. No kidding. Honest!”

Not likely Democrat, grass roots, anti corporate activists are happy about President Obama’s big night being held in Bank of America Stadium.

They were so mad they prayed to a God they don’t believe in, to have bad weather, so the event would be cancelled. But then God wanted an offering so Antonio Villaraigosa heard voices no one else could and put God back into the Democrat Platform. And the activists were furious all over again.

Perhaps the Dems, displeased by the lack of old, angry white men at the RNC, have included a bunch onto their own roster. Speakers include such well known, aged cranks as Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Barney Frank, and Joe Biden.

This went off pretty much as we expected. Biden however was less cranky. More on this later.

Given the “outrage” over Republicans proceeding with an abbreviated convention during a Category 1 hurricane, do you think Democrats will pause for a moment of silent prayer in recognition of the “Category 4 Debt Storm” hitting a staggering $16 trillion during their powwow?

Not only did they not pause, the DNC pretty much fast forwarded past this looming fiscal calamity.

Wonder if Bill Clinton knew, when he was negotiating for a prime time speaking spot, his party put him in a Wednesday night rating’s war against the opening of the National Football League?

Bill tied in the ratings with “Honey Boo Boo.” It’s a reality show, we’ve never heard of… until last Thursday morning.

Making matters worse for Clinton….this game features the NY Giants vs. the Dallas Cowboys. They are big rivals from two huge media markets.

It was a close game. Huge viewership. The Red State Cowboys upset the Blue State Giants. Foreshadowing?

If that bad wasn’t enough, Democrat friendly NBC affiliates will be broadcasting football during the former president’s speech.

NBC’s got a lot of making up to do after that faux pas. Bet they’re plenty up to it.

When all is said and done, don’t be surprised if the DNC planners wind up wishing they’d buried Biden in that time slot.

Missed, big time on this. In retrospect, given Obama’s “flat” speech, (probably after he got a head’s up on the jobs numbers), they should have dropped the president into that time slot.

Question: How many chants of U.S.A.!, U.S.A.! U.S.A.! will be inspired by speakers Sandra Fluke, Eva Longoria, and faux Cherokee Elizabeth Warren? Answer: None.

That was too easy.

Nancy Pelosi has a better chance of hearing O.W.S.! O.W.S.! O.W.S.! Remember Occupy Wall Street? “God bless them.” said she as they raped, pillaged, and plundered cities throughout the nation.

No O.W.S. chants. They probably didn’t have the strength after all that fury, faux praying, and then return of genuine rage. See, God, above.

Suggestion: Have the Healthcare Bill enclosed under glass, right next to a true to scale recreation of the U.S. Constitution. Ask attendees why it took over 2,500 pages to manage one new law, while it took thousands fewer sheets to establish the basis for all our the laws.

The height of wishful thinking. In retrospect, this would have been a great feature during the RNC. It would have fit in nicely with the dual debt clocks.

Maybe the Democrat lawmakers who signed onto the healthcare bill can reenact their historic vote. It would be a wonderful reminder to all those viewing at home, of their legislator’s unprecedented achievement.

Actually this was the height of wishful thinking. But the Democrat delegates did the viewing audience, political pundits, You Tube, and Republicans one better when they shouted down God and Jerusalem.

Here’s another theme for consideration covering the next 4 years..“Yes, We Can’t!”

That didn’t fly. Seems like they kinda said, “Yes we will this time, if you give us more time, and absolutely forget what we said the last time. No kidding. Honest to God. Oooops. Honest. What’s that Antonio? O.K. Honest to God.”


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