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Nov 20, 2012

In the wake of our national ticket’s loss we’ve heard what we believe are some erratic and erroneous criticisms and suggestions from some Republicans, which if followed would be injurious to the conservative movement.

Too many are buying into the deception propagated by Liberal commentators: that Obama’s election represents an historic strategic shift in the electorate founded in a fundamental demographic change. Make no mistake; this was a tactical win. When the campaign itself credits multitudes of paid telemarketers in Chicago calling every conceivable ethnic, racial, and gender niche in only nine states, promising whatever each marketing niche desires, you are operating tactically, not strategically.

The Left wants us to believe it’s an historic strategic shift so that our response is that we either buy into their Liberal world-view and agenda or face political irrelevancy.

We should not take this path; it’s not who we are! Following the “advice” of both our external Leftwing enemies and the internal RINO appeasement wing of the Republican Party will lead us into the swamp and ruin us.

This is the same advice that was proffered to us by the RINO wing after the 2008 debacle. Ignoring the fact that the failed RINO “moderate” candidate was the one they insisted was the “only” one who could “reach across the aisle” and “capture in the Independent vote” led us to a massive defeat. Their solution after McCain’s defeat was even more of the same. The 2008 post-mortem offered by RINO leaders such as Mitch McConnell and Colin Powell insisted that the Party had become too conservative, too limited in its appeal and too “regional.”

They were proven wrong on all accounts in 2010 when the Conservative Base, fueled by the Tea Party Movement, resurrected their moribund party (as it did in 1980, 1984, and 1994) and led it to an historic national victory.

We Conservatives by nature live in, and practice in our daily lives, the color-blind society that Liberals are so fond of referencing but are at the same time so absent from the Liberal world-view, language and daily practices. To Liberals, everyone is part of some racial, ethnic, or gender group, (usually victimized) and their programs and policies are all tailored to secure and hold each of these groups thru government benefits. This insidious discriminating segmentation of society is endlessly analyzed by pollsters and happily amplified by the Liberals’ allies throughout the mainstream media. We Conservatives view people as individuals with life stories, values, talents, ambitions, and personalities without regard for surface aspects such as skin color and ethnicity etc.

As for the mainstream media, this election cycle has again proved the case that there can be no doubt they are completely invested in promoting the Liberal agenda, advocating for the Democrat leadership and most emphatically, for this particular president. They have slanted stories, printed and aired endless puff-pieces on Obama, spiked serious stories and finally straight-out lied to protect the president’s electoral chances. The most serious subterfuge was the mainstream media’s complete news blackout on the Benghazi story as it developed with government e-mails surfacing almost daily. When it all comes out, the suppression of this story could become a watershed moment and will hasten the ultimate irrelevance of the legacy press in our country. Until then we must recognize that our political activities will, to a significant degree, transpire within what amounts to a propaganda state.

That propaganda state and those who serve it must not be given any legitimacy and at every opportunity it must be directly confronted with the scorn and disrespect it deserves.

There are three erroneous suggestions currently emanating from too many high profile Republicans and supposedly right-leaning media organs that deserve special examination:

First, we’re told we must change our policies and “reach out to women” since Obama garnered the majority of the women’s vote. Wrong – our Movement doesn’t view women as a separate gender group requiring special benefits. Women benefit mightily from the free-market, limited government principles of conservative governance. The Left created a “war on women” out of thin air and accused Republicans of perpetrating it. The Liberal media compliantly amplified the attacks, which contaminated and distracted virtually every Republican federal race in the country and was clearly most prominently in the presidential race. Since the criticism is based entirely on a liberal canard, no change in conservative “policy” is required. However, effective messaging must be developed which demonstrates how the full spectrum of conservative principles and policies benefits women. Every Conservative candidate in the country needs to take the message to every woman’s group in their districts that their best interests lie with conservative solutions.

Second, we’re told to reach out to Black Americans. While we always have, our efforts have so far not borne much fruit. True, there are many prominent Black Republican and Conservative officeholders and party leaders; however, they’re ignored by the media and go unrecognized or disparaged by liberal politicians. Again, no change in our policy is required; but conservative solutions have to be fashioned around the insidious problems of the inner city so that Black Americans understand how such policy solutions can be utilized to resolve them. Our candidates must spend significant time communicating these policies within the cities during their campaigns and incorporating them into their governance. Conservatives must take make strong efforts to work within the Black Community in order to spread the messages of individual empowerment and free markets.

But before we can get the votes of the Black Community we must prove to them that we are courting their vote in the first place and that our Free Market policies will be more successful than the Entitlement State programs that have massively failed them, their children and their communities.

But we need to do this with more than words; we need to do this with direct, tangible actions.

We need to enter the Black Community and build relationships with them. We need to make contacts with local Church, Youth and Community organizations and offer them our services in terms of helping people who have been disadvantaged by the Welfare State. We need to demonstrate how working within the private sector can free them from the perpetual failure of government dependency.

We can approach these communities with offers to hold Job Fairs where inner city youth can learn about the proper preparation of resumes and interview technique; we need to have our small business men offer their expertise to inner city businesses by giving them quality business advice; we must prove to this community that we offer an alternative to the disaster that Big Government has delivered them into and that ours is the way out.

Third and most prominently, we are told we must alter our stance on immigration, which in essence is that we believe our federal immigration laws must be followed and our sovereignty protected thru orderly and secure borders. We are told we must reach out to the fastest growing ethnic group in the country – Hispanics. However, a 2011 poll in California indicated only 7% of Hispanic voters objected to Republican immigration stances. Instead, a generous safety net, strong government intervention in the economy, and progressive taxation are cited by Hispanics as driving their attraction to the Democrat party. We may simply face the same education and messaging challenges about free-market economics we face elsewhere, but to win over this important voting block we must develop an effective strategy.

There is no reason why we can’t reach a community that Conservatives have so much in common with: a strong sense of traditional family values, a religious orientation, military service and a population that understands creating small businesses is a pathway to the middle class.

Incidentally, there are more Hispanic-Republican officeholders in the country than Hispanic-Democrat officeholders, so we at least have a place to start.

The Left has perfected demagogic messaging, regularly amplified by the media. We have to perfect messaging stressing the enlightening and liberating qualities of conservative solutions. Conservative candidates also must continually call out the disingenuous and biased mainstream media and must ceaselessly repeat the “biased media” mantra until it seeps deeply into the public consciousness.

Conservatives have the values and principles that will return the Republic to a sound financial footing. We just have to realize that suggestions we abandon our basic principles is a Leftist trap that must be avoided. To provide assurance that this is the right track to take, we should recognize that Republicans dominate the U.S. government bodies closest to the people: the Federal House of Representatives, state legislatures and 30 state governorships.

In the end, we must now accept that after two Presidential elections, the candidates preferred by the so-called Republican Party Professionals, faux conservative television pundits and witch doctors reading the polls as if they were tarot cards in order to produce predictions that are less accurate than the daily horoscope, have totally failed.

The same RINO Republicans who see the Conservative Base only as serfs to be frightened, pockets to be picked and tools to be used every election cycle brought this disaster upon us.

Despite the tremendous victory we provided to the Republican Party in 2010, the phrase “Tea Party” wasn’t even mentioned at the 2012 Republican Convention and many of its advocates, including Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and, Herman Cain, were all deprived speaking roles.

We must accept that the RINO Republicans are not our allies and have proven they are incapable of bringing us victory.

The Conservative Base preaches independence and self-reliance. The time has come for us to strictly practice that philosophy in relation to those RINOs who have betrayed us and whose weakness has once again led us into the abyss.

The time has come for us to declare our own independence from their failure to deliver.

The time is late but the time is NOW.


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